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Pielisjoen koulu – Kansainvälisyys

Erasmus+ KA229-hanke 2020–2023: Let's learn from one another!

Erasmus+ 2020-1-FI01-KA229-066501_1 / 2020-2023:


Aiheena luonnontieteet:

  • Finland: Forests – the lungs of the Earth 
  • Hungary: Water is everywhere
  • Greece: With air we care
  • Lithuania: The Baltic Sea – so much to see!
  • Portugal: Be the gardener of your own future
  • Turkey: Plants are friends

Erasmus+ KA2 hanke 2017–2019: Intercultural Creative Art Bridge

Comenius project 2013–2015

Participating schools

  • PH-Institut de la Providence (Belgium)
  • Pielisjoen koulu (Finland)
  • College Public de Corsac (France)
  • 1st Lyseum of Farsala Greece)
  • IES Professor Broch I Llop (Spain)
  • Gimnazija Tolmin (Slovenia)

Vanhoja leirikoulublogeja

Pielisjoki school in a nutshell

  • A comprehensive school, upper level
  • Intended for pupils thirteen to sixteen years of age
  • A school of tradition and experiment
  • A special prize for an active working community in Joensuu in 2000
  • Appr. 320 pupils, 35 teachers
  • An effective way of taking care of student welfare
  • A lively students´ union and active monitor students (a group of 9th grade students chosen to take care of other pupils)
  • Co-operation with enterprises and different institutions
  • Widespread international connections
  • The project to develop the teaching of Mathematics and Science
  • A wide range of choise
    • French and German as second foreign languages (start at the age of 11)
    • French, German and Russian as foreign languages (start at the age of 15)
    • Music classes
    • Science classes
    • Optional subjects include several advanced and applied courses

Learning at Pielisjoki school

Competent basic teaching

  • Class size 23 pupils on average
  • The average size of teaching groups: 20 pupils
  • Qualified teachers who are keen on developing their work

Flexible teaching arrangements

  • Pupils in the last form can be re-grouped according to their skills and objectives
  • Pupils can choose from a wide range of optional subjects
  • Remedial teaching available

A safe educational setting

  • Good atmosphere and a spirit of solidarity
  • Pupils in the 7th form are encouraged by active monitors
  • Pupils and their parents join in developing the school
  • Pupils can perform in numerous occasions and morning assemblies

Versatile opportunities to choose according to pupils interests

  • Music, Arts, Expressive arts
  • A rich choise of foreign languages including advanced and applied optional courses and repetition courses
  • Information Technology and Media Communication
  • Maths and Sciences
  • Different kinds of sports
  • Drafts and Technology
  • Integrated courses, e.g. Home economics and foreign languages

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