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The IB Studies at Joensuun Lyseon Lukio

At Joensuun Lyseon Lukio, the IB Diploma Programme consists of three academic years: the preparatory or pre-DP  year (1ib), the first DP year (2ib) and the second DP year (3ib). Pre-DP mainly comprises studies somewhat similar to those in the Finnish national programme but focused particularly in preparing students for studies in the DP. Another distinction is that most compulsory courses are taught in English. After successfully completing the pre-DP year, students are then accepted to the Diploma Programme.

At the end of the pre-DP year, the students choose the subjects they want to study in the Diploma Programme from the selection of courses in the IB curriculum of the school. The number of subjects is normally six. In addition, the students participate in the CAS programme (Creativity, Action and Service, administered by the CAS coordinator), take a course in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and compile an Extended Essay of some 4000 words in one of the subjects taught in the Diploma Programme at the school.  

The pre-DP students plan their own individual study programmes by choosing the courses from the selection of courses the school offers. There is a certain number of courses that are compulsory for all students, with the exception of non-Finnish students, who are not required to study Finnish or Swedish. In addition to the compulsory studies, the students take courses from the school curriculum so that they have a minimum of 30 course units during the academic year. It is, however, possible in some cases to take courses from outside the school curriculum. These exceptions must be agreed upon with the DP Coordinator. The number of 30 course units is the minimum, but the students are strongly encouraged to take more courses if they wish, according to their own interests. It is advisable to take courses that support the student’s choices in the IB Diploma Programme. Should there occur any problems with the course selection, the IB Faculty is more than willing to help.

The compulsory courses for all 1ib students are as follows:

•    Finnish, Courses 1, 2 and 3
•    English, Courses 2, 3, 4 and 5
•    Swedish, Courses 1, 2 and 3
•    Advanced Mathematics, Courses 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
•    History and Social Sciences, Courses 1 and 2
•    Introduction to Business Management 1
•    Psychology, Course 1
•    Physics, Courses 1
•    Chemistry, Course 1
•    Biology, Course 1
•    Philosophy, Course 1
•    Methods in Natural Sciences 1

In order to be promoted to the actual Diploma Programme, the pre-DP students are required:

1.    to have a minimum of 30 courses successfully completed
2.    to have successfully completed all the compulsory 1ib courses as described above (with the exception of non-Finnish students who do not need to study Finnish or Swedish)  

Should any of the preconditions mentioned above not be fulfilled, the students may still be accepted to the DP after first consulting the IB Coordinator and then fulfilling the tasks given to him/her by the IB Faculty. The deadline for this extra work is determined by the IB Faculty.


School reports


During the pre-DP year the students receive term reports after each study term, i.e. five times during the academic year. During DP1 (2ib) the students receive term reports at Christmas and in spring when the school year is over. The DP2 (3ib) students receive a term report at Christmas. In the ceremony for all graduates in the spring, these students will be awarded a final report, also called the school leaving certificate, and a white cap, provided their final report fulfils the requirements. The IB Diploma will be awarded in the IB Diploma Award Ceremony arranged at the school on the first Friday of the following September.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP 1 & DP2)

The two-year IB Diploma Programme consists of studies in six (or seven) subjects offered on two levels, Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL). The student must have at least three and not more than four HL subjects. HL subjects include 240 hours of instruction (equivalent to nine course units in the national programme). SL subjects include 150 hours (5,5 course units).

Subjects offered at Joensuun Lyseon Lukio’s IB Diploma Programme:

•    Group 1: Finnish A Literature HL/SL
•    Group 2: English A Language and Literature HL /SL, Swedish B HL/SL, German B HL/SL
•    Group 3: Business Management HL/SL, History HL/SL, Psychology HL/SL
•    Group 4: Biology HL/SL, Chemistry HL/SL, Physics HL/SL
•    Group 5: Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL/SL and Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations SL.

In order to be awarded the IB Diploma the candidates must:

1.    complete at least one subject from each of the subject groups above
2.    complete at least three and not more than four subjects on Higher Level
3.    submit an Extended Essay on of the subjects taught in the Diploma Programme
4.    participate in the Theory of Knowledge course and submit the required work
5.    successfully participate in the CAS Programme (Creativity, Action, Service)

In order to be promoted to Class DP2, DP1 students are required:

1.    to have successfully completed their studies in the IB subjects on the following terms:

  • the total grade not less than 24 in six subjects (self-taught Language A1 candidates: 20 points in five subjects)
  • no SL subject grade lower than 3
  • no HL subject lower than 4

2.    to have successfully completed all the required written assignments and other tasks set by the IB Faculty, following the given deadlines
3.    not to have missed more than 15 per cent of their classes in each subject course  


If the student receives a low grade (SL: lower than 3, HL: lower than 4), s/he becomes an "academic probationer”. S/he must pass a test set by the corresponding teacher in order to be promoted to the final year of the IB Diploma Programme. This probation test is arranged about one week prior to the next academic year. It is important that the student informs the IB Coordinator whether s/he will sit this examination or not. If this test is not passed or not attended, the student is to start the IB Diploma Programme from the beginning the following autumn.


How to apply to the programme


An applicant who has successfully completed the Finnish nine-year comprehensive school or the equivalent studies in a school outside of Finland is qualified to apply.


All applicants from Finnish schools must follow the procedures:


  1. Apply using the internet based application system, Opintopolku in Finnish. Consult your present Guidance Counsellor


Those applying from outside Finland should also enclose their previous school report as well as the appraisal form filled in and signed by the Head of school and the application form.

In the application process the applicant can obtain a maximum number of 10 points, based upon the grade point average from middle school (for instance, an average grade of 8,57 gives you 8,57 points). Lyseo uses a weighted grade average, with English and Mathematics grades factored 1.3 times each. The minimum accepted grade average is 8.0.

Applicants from abroad are asked to submit transcripts in English, if possible. The transcripts can use the school’s original grading scale. Suitable applicants from abroad will participate in an online interview with the IB Coordinator. Note that applicants from abroad must submit evidence of an adult caretaker permanently living in the region.

Applicants studying abroad should contact the IB Coordinator (Adam Lerch, +358 50 516 5075, adam.lerch@edu.joensuu.fi) for further details.



Appraisal form


What can IB 12.1.2022.

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What can IB day - esitys

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Infoa opoille (Powerpoint-esitys IB-linjasta)


Valmistava vuosi (Pre DP Year)

Ennen varsinaisen IB-ohjelman alkua opiskelijat osallistuvat yhden lukuvuoden ajan ns. valmistavan vuoden opintoihin. Valmistava vuosi on käytössä kaikissa Suomen IB-kouluissa. Syitä on kaksi: ensinnäkin, IB-ohjelma on kaksivuotinen, kun taas suomalainen lukio suoritetaan useimmiten kolmessa vuodessa. IB:ltä valmistuneet ovat siten valmistuessaan samanikäisiä kuin muutkin lukiolaiset. Toisaalta valmistava vuosi jo nimensäkin puolesta valmistaa opiskelijoita IB-ohjelmaan.

Minimivaatimus Joensuun lyseon lukion Pre-DP –luokalla (1ib) on 30 lukiokurssia lukuvuoden aikana. Näistä 30 kurssista 25 on pakollista.

Loput eli noin viisi kurssia opiskelija valitsee koulun muusta kurssitarjonnasta. Suosittelemme, että opiskelija valitsee nimenomaan sellaisia kursseja, jotka tukevat hänen tulevaa opinto-ohjelmaansa IB:ssä. Siis esimerkiksi siten, että aikoessaan ottaa kemian yhdeksi oppiaineeksi IB:ssä hän valitsee ylimääräisiä kemian kursseja valmistavan vuoden aikana.

Pakolliset kurssit opetetaan äidinkieltä ja ruotsia lukuun ottamatta englannin kielellä. Näin vahvistetaan opiskelijan valmiuksia opiskella eri oppiaineita englanniksi. Pakollisten kurssien suhteellisen suurella määrällä varmistetaan, että opiskelija on tietoinen kaikista niistä vaihtoehtoisista oppiaineista joita IB-ohjelma tarjoaa. Siksi pakollisissa on mukana esimerkiksi taloustiedon perusteet (Introduction to Economics).

Valmistava vuosi ei ole vielä IB-ohjelmaa. Opiskelijan suoritettua valmistavan vuoden kurssit hyväksyttävästi hänellä on oikeus siirtyä suorittamaan IB-tutkintoa. Mikäli edellytykset eivät täyty eli hänellä ei ole tarpeellista määrää kursseja tai osa kurssisuorituksista on hylätty, katsotaan tapauskohtaisesti, onko hänellä edellytyksiä siirtyä IB-ohjelmaan.

Periaatteessa valmistava vuosi Joensuun lyseon lukiossa vaaditaan kaikilta. Poikkeuksia voidaan kuitenkin tehdä. Mikäli opiskelija on suorittanut valmistavan vuoden jossakin toisessa koulussa ja muuttaa perheen mukana Joensuuhun, voidaan harkita hyväksymistä. Samoin, jos opiskelija on suorittanut lukion 1. vuoden opinnot ja ollut sen jälkeen vaihto-oppilaana englanninkielisessä maassa tai kansainvälisessä koulussa, voidaan tietyin edellytyksin katsoa valmistavan vuoden opinnot suoritetuksi.

Oppiainevalinnat IB:tä varten tehdään valmistavan vuoden kevätpuolella. Tarkempaa tietoa oppiainevaihtoehdoista löytyy IB-linjan englanninkielisestä osuudestamme. On mahdollista, että valintoja joudutaan jonkin verran rajoittamaan lukujärjestysteknisistä syistä.


IB-linjalle haetaan kevään yhteishaussa Opintopolun kautta. Opiskelijavalinta tapahtuu peruskoulun päättötodistuksen lukuaineiden painotetun keskiarvon perusteella (minimi 8,0). Englannin ja matematiikan arvosanoilla on painokerroin 1,3. Valmistavalle luokalle otetaan 27 opiskelijaa ja valinnan tulos ilmoitetaan yhteishaun tulosten yhteydessä kesäkuussa.

IB-opintoja esitellään What Can I Be -päivässä 20.1.2022 klo 9.00-10.30, joka toteutetaan etänä. Pääset osallistumaan tämän linkin kautta: meet.google.com/mhb-juie-xxz

Infoa IB:stä opoille .ppt -esitys

Infoa IB:stä opoille .ppt -esitys