angle-left Joensuu invests in safe and easy cycling

Joensuu promotes safe and easy cycling

23.05.2019 12:29

In Joensuu, cycling is safe and easy. The distances are short in the urban area and the terrain is mostly flat. There are lots of cycling routes all around the city. Joensuu has promoted cycling in many ways, for example by building bike streets and organizing bike maintenance and cycling events. 

First bike street in Finland

In August 2017, the fist bike street in Finland was opened in the city centre of Joensuu. The street is a three blocks long, continuous route for cycling. It runs along the Kauppakatu street. The bike street is coated with red asphalt and there are lanes for pedestrians on the sides. Motor vehicles may also use the bike street, but only on cyclists’ terms. Cycling is the primary mode of transport on the bike street.

The bike street was the first big step to execute the Cycling and Walking Development Plan of Joensuu. After this, the city has continued constructing more bike streets in the city centre. 

In addition to climate benefits, these bike streets make the city environment more pleasant and increase the accessibility and safety of cycling and walking.

Ylisoutaja bridge for commuters

The Ylisoutaja bridge for bicycle and pedestrian traffic was completed in 2014.

The bridge connects the Penttilänranta area to the Joensuu city centre. Many people use the bridge on their way to school or work, and the bridge is especially popular among cyclists. In average, the bridge is used 2250 times per day. 

The Ylisoutaja bridge was awarded the Bridge of the year prize in 2015. 

Winter Cycling Congress 2020

The City of Joensuu hosted the 8th international Winter Cycling Congress (WCC) 5–7 February 2020 in Joensuu. The event was organised by the international Winter Cycling Federation, and it gathered winter cycling enthusiasts from 13 countries in Joensuu. 

The WCC gathers advocates and specialists of cycling together to develop winter cycling conditions, to reinforce the role of winter cycling as an everyday form of physical activity and to share their best practices around the world.  

The Congress was organised firstin Oulu (2013), and after that in Winnipeg (2014), Leeuwarden (2015), Minneapolis (2016), Montreal (2017), Moscow (2018) and Calgary (2019).