The child care in exceptional hours (evening/night/weekend), sivun otsikko

The child care in exceptional hours (evening/night/weekend)

About the child care in exceptional hours (evening/night/weekend)

Who is entitled?

According to the Finnish law for early education 13§, shift care shall be organised in the evenings, nights and weekends to the extent which is necessary for the children who need it due to the work or study of the parent. Thus, it is for children who need care between 6 pm and 6 am and/or during weekends. The child is entitled to the evening/shift care only if both parents are working or studying (lecture, practise, exam) on such schedules that normal care is not possible. If the need for exceptional hours ends, the day care place of a child may be changed.

Discuss the special needs of the care already when applying for a day care place. The right for evening/shift care is documented in the official day care decision. 

Evening and shift day care centers and opening times

The municipal day care centers are mostly open at 6:30–17/18. Early morning and late evening care is available as follows:

  • Huvikumpu day care center (Reijola): Mon–Fri 5:30–22
  • Pataluoto day care center: Mon–Fri 5:30–22
  • Metsätähti day care center (Eno): Mon–Sun 5:30–22

Niinivaara day care center is open 24/7 throughout the year and serves the families working in shifts. 

Day care centers open and close according to the reserved care times of the children. For instance, if the first reservation starts at 6:30 am and the last ends at 7 pm, the day care center is open 6:30–19. The managers of day care centers are available mostly on weekdays at 9–15 hours (when e.g. possible changes in care times should be asked for). 

If a child needs night or weekend care only occasionally, (s)he can have a day care place in a regular day care center and attend the night/weekend care in Niinivaara day care center (24/7). The need for occasional night/weekend care can be agreed upon with the manager of “own” day care center – as much in advance as possible. In addition, a reservation should be made via the Daisy information system (

Care times and their reservation

According to the Finnish law for early education 9§, the duration of early education can normally be at maximum ten hours a day. However, in shift care the duration is determined according to the need of the child. 

  • In practise, the care time of a child is determined based on the working/studying shifts of the parent(s) who live with the child. Evening and shift care does not serve for free time purposes of parents. 
  • It is recommended that on the free and holiday days of a parent the child does not attend the day care. The child has also the right for free days and holiday. 
  • The aim is that a child arriving to night care comes in at latest at 19:45 (and at 19:30 for evening snack). 
  • The aim is that a child is fetched at latest at 22 hours to go home (i.e. night peace). 
  • The care times needed for the following starting week are reported via the Daisy information system latest by Monday at 23:59. 


  • Breakfast ca. at 8–8:30 hours
  • Lunch ca. at 10:45–12 hours depending on the age and activities of the group
  • Snack ca. at 14–14:30 hours
  • Dinner ca. at 17 hours
  • Evening snack ca. at 19:30–20:30 hours

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