Luotsi – City support to find a job

Joensuu runs a Luotsi service center to assist people to find jobs or study programmes, to start a business or to recruit new employees. The job agents offer free individual coaching for Joensuu residents and events are open for everyone.

The center is located at Centrum shopping centre, Kauppakatu 29, Joensuu.

TE-Services – State support for employment

TE-services offer public employment and business services organised by the state. There are services for both job seekers and entrepreneurs. TE-webpages also include a databank, which lists thousands of open jobs throughout Finland (in Finnish and in Swedish).

TE-office in Joensuu: Torikatu 36 A, 80100 Joensuu

The City as Employer

The City of Joensuu employs approximately 2 700 persons. City recruitment is responsible for all external and internal recruitment.

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