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Solution. Forest. – Joensuu is the Forest Capital of Europe


The importance of forests has always been great for Joensuu. An internationally unique hub of forestry expertise has been born out of decades of co-operation. Today, Joensuu, the forest capital of Europe, is a provincial center surrounded by vibrant forests, where education, cutting-edge research, practical know-how and business meet. Joensuu offers its residents plenty of forest-related jobs and study opportunities. The forest also plays a significant role in promoting the well-being and health of city dwellers.

In Joensuu, forest bioeconomy is a priority area that is being developed as part of the national Innocities network through research, development and innovation funding. Read how the innovation ecosystem showcases the region's strengths on the global stage.

Forests offer us many valuable opportunities and have much to contribute to the future of humanity as a whole. Welcome to the forest capital of Europe!



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A hub that is truly unique. Joensuu is the only place in the world where all levels of forest education, top level research, practical processes and world-class companies meet.

Forest Capital Joensuu Program

Forest Capital Joensuu Program

The strategic goal of the city of Joensuu is to support education, research, business and international visibility related to the forests of Joensuu. The European Forest Capital's competitive factors, goal and measures for the next few years are outlined in the Forest Capital Joensuu Program, which was published in August 2023.

Competitive advantages

Education and research covering the entire forest sector

Joensuu is a unique hub in forest bioeconomy research and training. Versatile, top-level practical and academic training and the scientific community attract the experts of the future. The University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Riveria train forest bioeconomy experts, from practical professionals to PhDs. There are a total of 400 forestry students and dozens of degree titles at three educational levels.

The educational institutes also conduct top international research. In addition, the European Forestry Institute, Natural Resources Center and Finnish Environmental Center, focusing on research, are located in Joensuu. The forest bioeconomy sector offers 6,000 jobs in the region, of which 600 are in expert and development positions

Vibrant forests and versatile businessess

In Joensuu, the forests are doing well and the large recreation areas offer well-being to the city dwellers. The sustainable management of the forests owned by the city is based on the forest management plan. Forests also play a role as a source of income for many forest owners in Joensuu. Joensuu is the home of leading companies in the forestry sector, where the companies' excellence is focused on the manufacturing industry, processing of raw materials and technologies.

Smart forestry

Joensuu is among the world leaders in the digitalization of forestry. The know-how in collecting and analyzing forest and environmental data is key, for example, in adapting to the effects of climate change and controlling nature loss. Strong expertise in photonics and ICT also supports the development of the forest bioeconomy in Joensuu area.

Working together and networks

The status of Europe's forest capital has been built together for decades. The networks created by working together are wide, multi-layered and international, which enables the creation of a completely new kind of expertise.

Read more about co-operation in Forest Joensuu network.

Forestry and photonics experts gather in Joensuu at the turn of October-November. Find out more about the content on the event's website. 

Actions for the coming years


The actions for the coming years will focus on three main themes. In the Forest Capital Joensuu program, several measures have been identified and named to strengthen the internal networks and business in the forest sector. Increasing awareness of the forest capital is also one of the main themes of the practical measures. Local residents, forests and the city image form the third main theme, which focuses especially on the measures taken in the forests owned by the city and the participation of the city residents. The measures defined in the program are linked to the city's carbon neutrality goals and the Business City Joensuu program.

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Solution. Forest. Cooperation between different actors opens up new opportunities for innovative know-how that can help solve climate change, nature loss and other global challenges.

Our goal for Joensuu, the Forest Capital of Europe 2030:

Joensuu is an internationally recognized and well-known forestry hub, where forests create world-changing innovations.

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This material was produced as part of the activities of the City of Joensuu Innovation Ecosystem Agreement (ERDF), co-funded by the European Union and the city of Joensuu.