Study in Joensuu

Study in Joensuu

Study in Joensuu

Choose Freedom

Are you thinking about where to study? Do not miss your opportunity – and make a decision you will not regret. Come to Joensuu!

At this very moment, many people who already made that fortunate choice, are munching on genuine Karelian pasties and strolling on the Ylisoutaja Bridge. They are admiring the Pielisjoki river and thinking about how lucky they are.

Genuine Experiences

Are you interested in knowing what the students who moved to Joensuu really think about the heart of Northern Karelia as a university town?
In 2022, we asked students about their opinions of Joensuu as a place to study. We received over two thousand replies. 96 percent of those who answered would recommend or have recommended Joensuu. Not too bad, then! The school grade awarded to Joensuu by our students was 8.38.


Study in Joensuu – Educational institutions

Educational institutions

University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) is one of the largest scientific universities in the country, which offers courses in 100 different major subjects. UEF aims to be number one among Finnish universities. The campus is located right next to town centre. Read more on the UEF website:


University of Eastern Finland

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Karelia is a respected and international university that lists strong cooperation with local businesses and the sense of community among its strengths. In Karelia, you can find 18 different study paths to a Bachelor’s degree, and five different Master’s courses. Annually, there are 30 courses to apply for. Karelia’s two campuses, Wärtsilä and Tikkarinne, are located in the immediate vicinity of town centre. Read more on Karelia’s website:

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Upper Secondary Institutions

A vocational degree is a great way to get into working life. In Joensuu, you can achieve a degree in one of a hundred subjects through Riveria, Luovi or Joensuu Conservatory. Sports Institute of Eastern Finland (ISLO) oversees vocational education in the field of sports.

General upper secondary education is offered in five upper secondary schools and an adult upper secondary school. In addition to the general syllabus, you can choose specialised studies that can be anything from mathematical-scientific studies to music and drama. Read more on the schools’ websites:

Riveria Luovi Conservatory of music Sports Institute of Eastern Finland (ISLO)

Study in Joensuu – Life in Joensuu

Life in Joensuu

Living in Joensuu

Before you move to Joensuu, you should acknowledge that you may never want to leave. Many young adults do end up staying here even after they graduate, which is a clear indication of the kind of place this is. There are homes to suit every taste. Reasonably priced student housing is let by Joensuun Elli in almost 40 different addresses across town. Read more about student housing in Joensuu on the Joensuun Elli website:

Joensuun Elli

Transport in Joensuu

As the locals like to say, in Joensuu everything is a bike ride away. It is a paradise for any casual sports fan, and it has twice been chosen as the best cycling municipality in Finland. When you get a flat tire on your bike and urgently need to get to one of the hypermarkets, JOJO, Joensuu Public Transport, will always take you to your destination. More information on public transport in Joensuu:

JOJO – Joensuu Public Transport


The One-Stop Guidance Centre, Ohjaamo, helps under-30-year-olds with a low threshold. Here, you can get help for issues related to work, education, housing and everyday life. When you don’t know where to start, start at Ohjaamo.

Sports Academy

Is your sporting aim to reach the national or international peak? Sport Academy in Joensuu provides a support network for youth and young adults engaging in competitive sports and helps to seamlessly combine sports and academic studies.

Benefits for Students

Being a student is worth it – especially when it comes to the benefits! Joensuu Cultural Services offer student-priced tickets to see both the Joensuu City Orchestra and to visit the museum. You can also enjoy the swimming baths with a hefty discount. And this is only the beginning. A student-friendly attitude is standard in this town, and most of the local companies also offer various discounts. It’s always worth asking about student discounts, whether you find yourself at a flower shop, a restaurant, an ice hockey match or the theatre.

Study in Joensuu – Leisure freetime

Leisure freetime

Joensuu is the quintessential student town. Here, you won’t be able to not run into other students – even if you tried. When you’re enjoying a student get-together or having a blast in Ilosaarirock or the World Championships of Heavy Metal Knitting, you will always find like-minded people. At the marketplace, there’s something going on all year round. And you already probably knew this, but Joensuu is known for its music and theatre culture. Browse the bars, restaurants and events in Joensuu at

Visit Joensuu

Glorious Nature

If you don’t like Finnish nature, you should stay well away from Joensuu. Here, the closest forest is always right around the corner. There are no less than four national parks nearby, and Northern Karelia has been dubbed as one of the most beautiful and diverse outdoors destinations in the country.

Sports & Activities

Even the pickiest person will find something to get them moving in Joensuu. Sykettä Sports Services are extremely popular among students. We have plenty of sporting locations completely free of charge – outdoor gyms, frisbee golf courses, and 34 beaches. As one student once said, ”Is there really something you’re not able to do in Joensuu?”

Read more on the Sykettä website:


Licence to Hobby

Sometimes you just want to relax with a good hobby. Joensuu Adult Education Centre offers a range of courses, something for everyone. And if you can’t find anything, you can always make a request for a new course.

Or maybe you have some special skill you would like to share with others? The Adult Education Centre is always looking for part-time teachers. What would make a more perfect job for a student? You should share your best ideas, whether you’re an excellent amateur baker, a master of improvisation, or ready to organise a mushroom course in English.

Read about the course offering:

Community college

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