School transport, sivun otsikko

School transport

School transport

According to the Finnish law, municipalities must organise free school transport if the distance between home and school is over 5 km. This applies in Joensuu for pupils from the 3rd class onwards. In addition, city of Joensuu has decided to offer free transport for pre-school children and pupils at classes 1 and 2 if the distance between home and school exceeds 3 km. Precondition for school transport is that the child attends the primary school choice offered by the city. In case of secondary school options, parents are responsible for the organisation and cost of school transport.

School administration determines the right for free transport automatically and informs the parents. Only if the parents want to apply for free transport based on other criteria such as difficulties and specific tediousness of a trip, an application is needed. If a child is in day care and pre-school, the right for free transport applies only to pre-school. For instance, if the child stays in day care after the pre-school, the parents are responsible for organising the trip home. 

Alternatively to free school transport, parents can apply for a grant if they take care of the transport by themselves (“saattoavustus”). 

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