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We live in the century of photonics. Photonics is a field of science and technology that enables new technologies based on light. Photonics is utilized in almost all areas of life, for example in solar panels, smartphone screens and medical devices. The most important technologies currently being developed are based on photonics and help to solve global challenges.

Joensuu is one of Europe's leading centers of photonics expertise, where top research, education, technology, light art and business come together. The potential of the rapidly growing industry for our region is significant. The industry needs versatile experts and offers great opportunities for study, work and business.

For Joensuu, photonics is a priority business which is being developed as part of the national InnoCities network through RDI funding.

When creators, research and technology meet, we can create a better tomorrow for us and the planet together.



Optics and Photonics Days, the main event of Finnish optics and photonics, was organized in Joensuu on May 30–June 1, 2023.



World-changing solutions are developed in Joensuu - our photonics expertise is world-leading.


Seppo Tossavainen
Head of Economic and International Affairs
+358 40 343 3377

Photonics - facts

Photonics in Joensuu - 10 facts

1. The headquarters of the European Society of Optics and Photonics Finland are located in Joensuu.

2. More than 300 experts in the field of photonics work in Joensuu, including internationally known key persons of the field.

3. Photonics research has been carried out in Joensuu since 1970.

4. Joensuu is Finland's leading photonics training city. The strong education and the university's photonics research support the availability of a skilled workforce.

5.The University of Eastern Finland has 25 professorships and Finland's only photonics-focused master's degree in engineering. 

6. Micro and nanophotonics and spectral imaging are the specialties of the region's operators and research, but expertise can also be found in other areas, such as light art.

7. Located on the campus of the University of Eastern Finland, the Photonics Center offers offices, shared equipment and support for product development and market positioning for companies in the photonics industry.

8. The photonics research center of the University of Eastern Finland operates in Joensuu and is part of the PREIN flagship of the Academy of Finland.

9. Karelia University of Applied Sciences has a high-quality precision laboratory that meets the special requirements of photonics.

10. In Joensuu, the photonics industry is also strongly networked with other industries such as forest bioeconomy.


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