Youth work serves all under 30-year-old people in Joensuu. Youth work aims to support young people to grow up, get ready for independent life and feel included in society. Work also encourages young people for active free time and hobbies, participation, inclusion, and civic activities.

The environs of youth work change and there are new challenges, which call for new approaches. Youth centers and facilities reach ca. 2,500 regular visitors. In addition, young people are met for instance at schools, events and via digital channels. Outreach youth work is an example of how young people with special needs are approached.

Youth council has worked actively in Joensuu since 1999. Associations and groups engaging in youth activities are supported by grants.

Youth centers and facilities

Youth centers are meant for young people’s own activities. Joensuu youth service host ten centers, in which also different type of activities are organised. Youth centers offer a safe environment without intoxicants. Professional youth counsellors are available for discussions and meetings.

Youth centers are free of charge and open for all young people. Activities are voluntary and informal. The youth are included in planning and carrying out activities. Some associations are also involved and active in youth centers. Activities include e.g. gaming, music, journals for reading, computers, films, handicraft as well as events and counselling.

Youth centers in central Joensuu:

  • Youth center Whisper, Torikatu 17
  • Rantakylä youth house BOBO, Pataluodonkatu 2
  • Sinkkola youth house, Pesolantie 2

Youth centers in rural Joensuu:

  • Eno youth house (at library), Alappappilantie 6D
  • Hammaslahti youth facility, Opettajantie 3B
  • Heinävaara youth facility, Isäntäläntie 1
  • Kiihtelysvaara ”Suojapirtti”, Tulrompsuntie 2
  • Reijola youth facility ”Yhteisötalo”, Urheilupuistontie 2
  • Tuupovaara youth facility, Urheilutie 10
  • Uimaharju youth house, Honkajoentie 2

More information about youth centers and facilities (in Finnish)

Outreach youth work

Outreach youth work is a form of specialized youth work. It aims to reach young people that are outside education or working life and need support. The goal is to be where the young people are and to offer safe, confidential encounters with adults. Outreach youth workers provide early support and help young people to find answers to their problems and paths to support and services needed.

Participation in the outreach youth work is voluntary. In Joensuu, outreach youth work is organised together with association “Nuorisoverstas ry.”.

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Hobbies and activities

Youth work encourages young people to take part in different activities and hobbies. Youth work organises activities and events e.g. at youth centers and facilities. In addition, several associations provide services.

A collection of activities (in Finnish)
Activities in a map
Activities in a calendar

All the young people at school classes 7–9 also receive K789 -card, which entitles free entrance e.g. to swimming pool, museums, theatre and city symphony orchestra. In addition, some other services offer discount with the card.

Youth council

In Joensuu, youth council is non-political and non-religious organ of the youth. Youth council elections take place every two years and are open for 13–18 year old young persons. There are 20 members and 20 vice members, which meet once a month for general assembly. In addition, youth council meets in different thematic groups and organises events.

Youth council aims to assure that the opinions of young people are taken into account in the decision making of the city. Youth council representatives are invited to participate in the meetings of the city committees.

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