School enrolment, sivun otsikko

School enrolment

School enrolment

Regular school enrolment is done for the classes 1 and 7, normally by the end of the previous year for the next autumn. Continuous enrolment is available for people moving to Joensuu. 

On-line applications via Wilma-system are preferred (web interface for student administration, in Finnish):

Application form is available in English here

Return the application either to the school you are applying to or to the following address: City of Joensuu/Education, “School enrolment”, Länsikatu 15, Building 4B, 2nd floor, 80110 Joensuu. 

City is responsible to offer a child a primary place at a school. Normally this is one of the schools close to home address, depending on the number of pupils and size of the schools in the area. Alternatively, a child can apply for a secondary option e.g. to some special classes. In this case the parents are responsible for the organisation and cost of school transport. There may be aptitude tests or entrance exams for the secondary school options and special classes.

You can check the first school option adjacent to your home address via the city map service

  • use your street address as search key
  • enlarge the map and point to the area where your address is located so that the name of the school appears

Information about secondary school options and special classes can be found here.  

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