Physical Fitness and the Outdoors

The City offers numerous options for exercise since it wants physical fitness opportunities to be within the reach of everyone. An important part of this goal is network of fitness locations all over town.

There are numerous hiking and skiing trails, beaches, ball fields and skating rinks, Frisbee golf courses and a skateboard park – all free to all and easily accessible to all. Scheduled hours set aside for rooms, arenas and fields make possible the activities of many local sports clubs.

The Joensuu area has many marked fitness routes, hiking trails and illuminated ski trails. Among the best-known is perhaps the Jaama Route beginning just outside the center of town and extending almost 50 km. Examples of trails in Eno, Kiihtelysvaara, Tuupovaara and Pyhäselkä are the Kaltimo Circle, Kolvananuuro Nature Trail and the Jänisjoki Water Route. The region's hiking routes also include its multifaceted network of ski trails.

In addition to the diversity of ski trails and hiking routes, Joensuu's outdoor centers also offer different houses, huts and conference facilities for a variety of applications and with different levels of services. Lykynlampi is more popular with families and fitness activists while Pärnävaara, on the other hand, functions not only as a fitness center but also as a training ground for many top-level athletes.


134 children's playgrounds all over town are open free of charge. They are marked via the attached link on the map on the back.

Dog Parks

There are fenced-in dog parks in town where dogs can run free. The Koivuniemi, Rantakylä Koillispuisto and Reijola Dog Park have separate parks for small and large dogs.

Dog droppings can be deposited in garbage cans meant for this purpose in all parks. There is a beach for dogs in Noljakka at the end of Kaislarannantie, on the right side of the pleasure boat harbor.
Remember that dog owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dogs.


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