Joensuu museums

Joensuu museums include Joensuu Art Museum “Onni”, North Karelian Museum “Hilma” (cultural history) and Bunker museum (open during summertime).

Joensuu Art Museum

Joensuu Art Museum was founded in 1962. It is located in a Neo-Renaissance-style building in the city center (Kirkkokatu 23). The collections include Finnish art from the 1850s to modern days, Eastern Orthodox icons, Chinese art and Central European church art. There are several changing exhibitions every year.

North Karelian Museum

North Karelian Museum is located at Carelicum next to the market square (Koskikatu 5). Permanent exhibition displays the prehistory and the history of Karelia and North Karelia regions. Temporary exhibitions concentrate on local culture and history seen from different perspectives.

Bunker museum

Bunker museum represents part of the 1,200 km long “Salpalinja” built in 1940-1944. “Salpalinja” is a fortress chain, which was constructed to defend the country as a kind of backbone - but which was never needed in the fights of the Second World War. The museum is open during the summers in the address Virrantaus 7.

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