Joensuu is a city of events. There are over 2000 events organized in Joensuu annually, visited by a million people.

Joensuu has a long history as an event city, which reflected in the skills and abilities of both the operators and the authorities. The inhabitants of Joensuu are also eager to visit events and the geographical location near the Russian border creates growing opportunities for event producers.

In Joensuu, we have lots of producers and communities, which organize annual events. The biggest annual event is the Ilosaarirock – music festival which gathers over 50 000 visitors to the sunny “Laulurinne” every July. “Laulurinne” is quite an exceptional event area. It is surrounded by many services supporting the events, such as campsite, restaurants, parking areas, and it is located by a lake and only about one kilometer from the city center.

In the summer there is also annual “Ilovaari” which is a music festival for “formerly young” and “Vekararokki” which is children’s own festival.

In the addition, changing events create their own fine element – each year is always different!

The Event Services of Joensuu are a municipal service unit responsible for helping, informing, licensing, assistance, partnership, production and development of different events. The Event Services also administer many event areas and venues of the city (such as “Laulurinne”).

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