Joensuu is a vibrant university town. Every third new arrival is a student.

Joensuu is a city of students. The University of Eastern Finland's Joensuu Campus, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, the different branches of vocational education Riveria as well as the city's other schools guarantee that everyone finds an interesting field of study.

There are about 20,000 students in town, about a thousand of them international students. Joensuu's strength is in the broad spectrum of academic disciplines: from physics and mathematics to the arts, music and humanities. The diversity of studies and students appears in the cityscape, in the multiplicity of events and activities. City aims to build strong collaboration and ecosystems together with the educational institutions.

Links to educational institutions:

University of Eastern Finland

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

Vocational training, Riveria


If you'd like to study non-formally or just find a free-time hobby, you may find something interesting at the Community College. The college also offers language courses.

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