Brave minds look at problems and see opportunities. In Joensuu, Finland, we tackle the world's most pressing issues with cooperation: various fields of science, technology and industry, as well as public bodies, work together in an open ecosystem that happily welcomes new entrants.

Joensuu business life – open ecosystem welcomes you

Organizations in the Joensuu region are offered an opportunity to leverage the world-class expertise and infrastructure at the University of Eastern Finland and the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The outcome is an exceptionally well-functioning combination of people, expertise and infrastructure. Cooperation enables new innovations to emerge at the intersections of core competence areas and, moreover, cooperation turns research and innovations into turnover.

We will help you get up to speed quickly

Joensuu provides organizations and R&D units with direct access to a network that brings together high-level scientific and industrial expertise, cost-efficient office and R&D facilities, and excellent logistics.

We invite you to get to know the people and companies in the Joensuu region. We may well have the perfect business partners for your current needs and look forward to uncovering future innovations together. Welcome!

We in Joensuu are especially good at forest bioeconomy, photonics, ICT, learning and learning environments. These core competence areas are visible in the form of powerful companies, internationally recognised research, high-quality education and internationality.

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