angle-left Joensuu Launches Major Survey for Students

Joensuu Launches Major Survey for Students

Relative to its population, Joensuu is one of Finland’s liveliest student cities. In the future, the city aims to be the best place to study in Finland.

To pursue this goal, the City of Joensuu has launched a survey to gather information and impressions about Joensuu as a student city. Participants have the chance to win prizes such as hotel gift cards and tickets to Ilosaarirock.

The survey is a part of the preparations for the Student City Joensuu Programme, and it is aimed at all students studying in the educational institutions of Joensuu.

The survey can be completed on the City of Joensuu website

The following link will take you directly to the survey:

– We’re looking to reach all students from secondary to tertiary level institutions. With the help of the results of the survey, we will seek to make Joensuu the best student city in Finland. In Joensuu every fourth person you meet in the street is a student, so the results matter to a great number of people, says Tiia Turunen, coordinator of the Student City Joensuu Programme.

The role of educational institutions and students in Joensuu’s economy is significant as well. The student city programme currently under preparation focuses on developing city-wide co-operation.

– In terms of ensuring Joensuu’s future vitality, success as a student city is indeed of crucial importance. For example, the city wishes to increase co-operation between employers, educational institutions, and students, starting at the earliest possible stage in their studies. Successful co-operation with working life will best ensure the availability of skilled labour for the labour market of the Joensuu economic zone, says Sami Laakkonen, City of Joensuu’s strategy director.

In addition to impressions and data on employment, the survey will be used to gather information about current trends in education, such as remote studying.

– In the survey we have sought to take into account those students not currently living in Joensuu. We are also interested in finding out the proportion of studies being completed remotely. Students do not have to live in Joensuu in order to participate in the survey, Turunen urges.

The survey is available until Monday, 31 October. Completing the survey takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

The goal of the Student City Joensuu Programme is to increase Joensuu’s attraction and retention as a student city.  The programme is set to be completed by the end of 2022.