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angle-left A carbon sink park was established in Karhunmäki

A carbon sink park was established in Karhunmäki

30.09.2020 06:10

The Climate Conscious Blocks project planted a carbon sink forest in Karhukuusikko park in Karhunmäki area. The park was established by planting 400 trees on a city-owned waste land together with local residents. When the trees grow, the area will become a carbon sink as the trees sequester carbon. In the park the residents can also learn to identify different trees.

Trees of six different species were planted in the park: English oak, rowan, larch, Scotchs pine, Norway spruce and silver birch. The other side of the park will grow into a meadow for butterflies and bees. Furthermore, a bird-shaped fitness equipment called Gritbird was installed in the park. The small hill in the park works as a sledging slope for kids in the winter.

Why do we plant trees?

In order to become carbon neutral by 2025, the city of Joensuu aims to decrease its emissions by 60 % from 2007 to 2025. The rest of the emissions will be stored in carbon sinks, such as forests and wetlands, or compensated.

Joensuu has already reached its carbon neutrality target in 2012 and 2016. During these years, the carbon sinks of our forests could sequestrate all our emissions. However, the situation varies annually depending on logging. That is why it is very important to increase our carbon sinks by foresting wastelands and reconstructing wetlands.