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angle-left Climate Business Network brings together sustainable businesses and communities

Climate Business Network brings together sustainable businesses and communities

01.05.2021 08:47

In 2015, city of Joensuu established a Climate Business Network for companies and communities wishing to make their operations more environmentally friendly, reduce their climate emissions systematically and develop their own pro-environmental solutions for their customers. In June 2021, over 40 local companies and communities have joined the network.

Local companies and organisations, together with the city, are looking for means to make their operations more climate friendly. This can happen for example by improving energy efficiency or developing low-carbon products and services. Climate cooperation and new operating models can also enhance the competitiveness of the companies and the vitality of the city. 

The members of the network are committed to cut down their emissions. They sign a climate commitment, in which they specify their climate measures.

The network evolves

The city of Joensuu was granted funding for a climate business network development project from the Ministry of Environment’s Municipal climate change solutions programme. The Climate Business Network – Towards a Carbon Neutral City project operates from May 2021 to October 2022. The total budget of the project is € 100 000.

The aim of the project is to develop the network further and offer our climate partners more support to improve their low-carbon businesses. In this project, the effectiveness of the companies' climate commitments will be increased and the emission reduction impact of their climate measures assessed. This will help the companies to plan their future climate actions and choose the most effective measures.