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Newcomer Stories

Newcomer Stories – Nuha


The best city in the happiest country in the world

– Joensuu is such a cosy city, and everything here is at a suitable distance. Here, the changing of the seasons is clear – you have summer, autumn and winter, which I’m looking forward to, says Nuha Hamdan.

Newcomer Stories – Jonne


Returning to Joensuu gave Jonne’s career a new boost

– I always knew I would one day move back, but I didn’t know that day would come even sooner than I had expected, says Jonne Hirvonen. He was afraid that moving back would halt his career development. However, that fear turned out to be unfounded, as the opposite was the case.

Newcomer Stories – Tea


Living is so affordable that you can’t help but smile

The quality of life is so much better here, as it doesn’t take so much time and money to run your everyday life. We can enjoy the luxury of time here. I’m planning on living out the rest of my days here, says Tea Törmänen.

Newcomer Stories – Hanna


Compared to Helsinki, Joensuu is a cycling success

– In Joensuu, in fact, everything is within cycling distance, says Hanna Joosia who lived three years elsewhere. According to Hanna, Joensuu is a paradise for exercise and sports enthusiasts.

Newcomer Stories – Jason


In Joensuu, even a Canadian feels right at home

– Everything here’s so clean and well-kept! In general, the safety of Joensuu is something altogether unique, says Jason Pritchard who moved from Calgary to the Karsikko neighborhood in Joensuu.

Newcomer Stories – Mohammad


The best thing about Joensuu is freedom

Afghan-born Joensuu resident Mohammad Ali Heidari describes how he was born again in Finland when he understood how freely he could think here. 

Newcomer Stories – Kaisa


Ski-trail groomer races by the window

Kaisa Mäkäräinen retired from her successful biathlon career three years ago and is now enjoying the ease of living in Joensuu. ”The ski trail starts just outside my house.”

Newcomer Stories – Mauricio


Chilean Mauricio made Joensuu his home

Chile-born Mauricio Acuna also has an Australian citizenship, but he preferred to settle in Joensuu. Mauricio's tip for anyone moving to Joensuu is to get good and warm clothes for winter.

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