angle-left Sustainable Mobility Programme of Joensuu

Sustainable Mobility Programme of Joensuu

12.06.2019 10:59

The strategic goal of Joensuu is to become carbon neutral in 2025. The emission reduction impacts of e.g. building new bike lanes and streets, improving the service frequency and decreasing the ticket fares of public transport, and switching to more environmentally friendly fuels are analysed in the Sustainable Mobility Programme of Joensuu, published in January 2020.

In Joensuu, we have the goal to increase the number of travels by public transport from 2,3 million to 2,5 million by 2025. We are also aiming at raising the portion of travels by bike or foot from 40 % to 45 % of all travels.

The Sustainable Mobility Programme identifies the measures the city should take to limit climate change with sustainable transport. In addition, the programme compares the effectiveness of different measures in reaching the quantitative objectives mentioned above.