angle-left How do we compensate for emissions?

The Carbon Sink and Compensation Roadmap quides our actions

In Joensuu, we will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent from the 2007 level by 2025. The remaining 40 per cent of emissions will be compensated for by way of carbon sinks. Carbon sinks include forests, wetlands and waterways. One cubic metre of growing forest ties about one tonne of carbon dioxide.

The City of Joensuu has drawn up a Carbon Sink and Compensation Roadmap. The roadmap defines the current reality of carbon sinks in the Joensuu region, and the carbon sequestration potential possible for them to reach by 2025. The roadmap also gives local advice on how various carbon sinks can be increased and nurtured. In Joensuu, carbon sinks can be increased and nurtured, for example by paying attention to the sustainable management of tree stock, by restoring mires and binding carbon in wooden products, wood-structured buildings in particular. One of the measures on the Road Map is to compensate for all flights of employees and decision-makers from 2019 onwards.

Joensuu is a city of forests: its forestry land area totals some 209,000 hectares, of which 202,000 hectares are forest land, 3,200 hectares are poorly productive forest land and 3,800 hectares are unproductive land. Forestry land includes protected areas as well. The City of Joensuu is currently preparing a biodiversity programme, in which the development of carbon sinks will be taken into account.