angle-left Hack Me Up Ideation Competition looks for solutions to sustainability challenges

Hack Me Up Ideation Competition looks for solutions to sustainability challenges

08.11.2023 07:37

The first-ever Hack Me Up Ideation Competition for students, organized at the end of November, looks for climate-smart solutions for the benefit of businesses', communities', and households' sustainability. The goal is to find solutions that can either reduce carbon footprints and/or grow carbon handprints e.g. the positive climate impacts. The best ideas will be rewarded, the first prize being 1000 euros.

The competition is organised in collaboration with the Climate Joensuu 2025 and Innocities Joensuu projects, along with esteemed partner companies.

Students interested to participate can either register individually or form a team of 2-5 members. For those choosing to register individually, the competition organisers will form a team. Each team is free to select one of the given sustainability challenges, that they at least want to brainstorm solutions to. In addition to the challenge chosen by the team, the competition organiser assigns two additional sustainability challenges to each team.

The challenges offered for the participants by the competition partners are:

-Climate-smart e-commerce

-Reducing food waste in student dining

-Public transportation needs related to students' leisure time

-Enhancing sorting and recycling in households

-Smart and climate-friendly district heating


The competition is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, November 24-25, 2023, at Joensuu Science Park. The registration period for the competition ends on Friday, November 17, at 3:00 PM.

You can read more about the sustainability challenges and sign up for the competition here: