angle-left Electric cargo bikes to borrow at the library

Electric cargo bikes to borrow at the library

20.05.2021 08:03

Three electrically assisted cargo bikes can be borrowed from the Vaara libraries as of May 2021. Two of them are box bikes ideal for carrying children, groceries etc., and the third one is a rickshaw bike for transporting maximum two persons. 

The bikes are lent for a week at a time to adult customers only. The primary place for borrowing is the Joensuu main library. However, during the renovations of the main library in Summer 2021, the bikes will be transferred to other libraries in Joensuu. 

Cargo bikes have recently become more and more popular as an easy and environmentally friendly means of transport. Using electric cargo bikes reduce the need to use a car in everyday activities, for example when going to the grocery store. The Climate Conscious Blocks project (2018–2021) purchased the bikes for the library to offer everyone the opportunity to try out a cargo bike. 

In addition to the cargo bikes, the Vaara libraries offer a variety of other useful things to borrow with a library card, such as board games, musical instruments, blood pressure gauges and sport equipment. 

More information from the library website.