How do we reduce emissions?

We reduce emissions by increasing recycling, pedestrian and bicycle traffic and renewable energy and decreasing food waste, the use of fossil fuels and unnecessary consumption of energy. The City of Joensuu has prepared a climate programme listing various measures to reduce emissions.

The key measures in the climate programme

The key measures in the climate programme that the City of Joensuu is advancing:

The City of Joensuu

  • will increase its carbon sinks every year.
  • will take environmental criteria into account in all procurements for the city.
  • invites companies to join in climate cooperation and supports climate expertise in companies.
  • will abandon oil heating in all properties in its ownership by 2030.
  • saves energy in the properties it owns, every year, in accordance with the energy efficiency agreement.
  • in future, will only acquire electric cars or hybrids at least for use as new work vehicles.
  • will develop new low-carbon solutions through climate projects.
  • will prepare for changing weather conditions and their impacts.
  • will improve recycling of office furniture in city workplaces.

Industry and businesses will be encouraged to

  • cut the consumption of electricity and fossil fuels by half by 2025.
  • raise waste recycling rate to at least 55 per cent by 2020.
  • test and deploy new low-carbon innovations.
  • utilise the potential involved in projects to promote a low-carbon approach.

City residents will be encouraged to

  • replace oil heating with renewable energy, whenever possible, by 2025.
  • recycle actively in order to achieve an increase in the recycling rate, the rate being 55 per cent by 2020.
  • make an increasing number of journeys by bicycle, on foot or using public transport.

In schools

  • The use of HiljaNet carbon footprint learning environment will be expanded and developed.
  • Food waste from schools and day care centres will be cut by half by 2025.

In the energy sector

  • The use of fossil fuels in district heat production will be cut by one half by 2025 and ended completely by 2030.
  • At least 90 per cent of final consumption of energy will be based on renewable energy sources in 2025.
  • By 2025, energy consumption will decrease by at least 25 per cent from the 2007 level.

Climate Business Network

The Climate Business Network benefits companies and organisations wishing to make their operations more environmentally friendly, to reduce their climate emissions systematically and develop their own pro-environmental solutions for their customers. Our objective is to promote sustainable business operations and a low-carbon Joensuu together. Climate partnership is an important form of cooperation to strengthen both business life in the city and the competitiveness of companies.

In the network, companies and organisations get assistance in developing their businesses in a more environmentally friendly direction and have the chance to forge networks with other like-minded, goal-oriented entrepreneurs.

Read more about our Climate Business Network here