angle-left The climate programme of the city of Joensuu 2022–2025 leads towards a carbon-neutral city

The climate program of the city of Joensuu 2022–2025 leads towards a carbon-neutral city

10.01.2022 08:26

The updated climate programme for the city of Joensuu 2022–2025 was approved by the city government on 10 January 2022. The climate programme sets targets and concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions in Joensuu.  

The city of Joensuu aims for carbon neutrality by 2025. Joensuu is carbon neutral when the city’s carbon sinks are sufficient to capture the city’s carbon emissions. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at leat by 60 % from 2007 level by 2025. The residual emissions (max 40 %) will be stored in carbon sinks, such as forests and peat lands, or compensated locally.

The climate programme presents sector specific targets and concrete measures to mitigate climate change and achieve climate neutrality by 2025. The climate programme includes measures on 1) monitoring, reducing, sequestration and off-setting the city’s carbon emissions, 2) climate communication, resources, projects and networks, 3) energy consumption, production and efficiency, 4) traffic and commuting, 5) sustainable consumption and circular economy, and 6) biodiversity protection and climate change adaptation. 

The city's carbon sinks that bind greenhouse gas emissions will be increased for example by following the city’s forest management action plan and sustainable logging plan. Emissions will be offset by local emission compensation projects financed from the city’s climate account.  

Climate communication, networks and projects encourage companies, communities and local residents to participate in local climate work. The city of Joensuu maintains and develops a climate partnership network for companies and communities in Joensuu, and communicates actively on local climate actions via Climate Joensuu website and social media.  

Traffic counts for a significant part of the city’s emissions. The climate program aims to advance sustainable mobility, such as walking, cycling and public transport, and to promote the use of electric and low-emission vehicles. Joensuu aims to increase energy efficiency and the production and consumption of renewable energy. The city aims to replace fossil fuels (oil, peat) in heating with renewable alternatives. 

The updated climate program also emphasizes the importance of circular economy as a means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The goal is to improve the recycling rate of household waste, reduce food waste and increase the use of recycled materials in construction.  

The climate programme has been updated and the measures chosen together with the city departments, subsidiaries and other stakeholders. During the update, a citizen survey for was carried out to examine the local residents’ views and hopes for the city’s climate work. To ensure the efficiency of the measures chosen for the programme, the cost-efficiency, emission reduction potential and indirect effects of each measure was examined by an independent consultant. The progress of the measures will be monitored and reported regularly.