angle-left The city of Joensuu uses 100 % green energy

The city of Joensuu uses 100 % green electricity

30.09.2020 12:37

Using green energy is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. In Joensuu, all the electricity used by the city has been green since 2013.

Solar power in Joensuu 

Various companies in Joensuu use solar energy. For example Joensuu Science Park, Abloy Oy, Kuntokeidas Joensuu, and the municipal water company Joensuun vesi have installed solar panels on their properties. 

In September 2020, Joensuun vesi installed 400 solar panels on the roof of the Kerolankangas plant. The energy from the solar panels covers approximately one sixth of the electricity consumption of the plant and reduces the company's annual electricity expenses by 10 000 euros.  

Joensuu Science Park has installed 98 solar panels in total on the roofs of their buildings. These solar panels produce 43,4 MWh of energy annually and save 15 192 kg carbon dioxide emissions every year. In comparison, the carbon footprint of an average Finnish citizen is 10 000 kg per year.