angle-left Save Pond Hockey tournament raised funds to reconstruct a wetland

Save Pond Hockey tournament raised funds to reconstruct a wetland

20.08.2020 11:34

The first Save Pond Hockey tournament in Joensuu raised over 3000 euros in total. The raised funds will be used to construct the Murtosuo wetland. Constructing the wetland is part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s SOTKA project.

The Murtosuo wetland area is around 15,5 hectares in size. It is a former peat production area. 

Reconstructing the wetland can restore the biodiversity of the area. The area is primarily going to be a habitat for young dabbling ducks, but will be suitable for other water birds as well. The wetland will be established by raising the water level with a dam and increasing the amount of open water areas. 

Reconstructing the wetland will guarantee that the peat land will no longer release carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. The area surrounding the wetland will be reforested, which will increase the carbon sinks of Joensuu.

– Organizing the Save Pond Hockey tournament was a great way to communicate about our climate actions and, above all, raise funds for important targets, says Jari Leinonen, the Chief of Environmental Protection of Joensuu.

You can watch a video about starting the reconstruction of Murtosuo wetland in Autumn 2020 on the city of Joensuu’s YouTube channel.

The main goals of the SOTKA project are to:

-    establish a wetland on a former peat production area
-    increase habitats suitable for water birds
-    promote water conservation by improving the absorption of nutrients and solid matter on the wetlands
-    improve water conservation on agricultural and forestry areas and reduce flooding
-    promote biodiversity
-    increase the recreational use of the area.

Why are we reconstructing wetlands?

In Joensuu, we will cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent from 2007 to 2025. The remaining 40 percent of emissions will be compensated for through carbon sinks. Carbon sequestration can be done with carbon sinks, such as forests, plant-covered soil, swamps, and wetlands. 

Joensuu has already reached its carbon neutrality goal in 2012 and 2016. In these years, the carbon sinks of our forests could sequestrate all our emissions. However, the situation varies annually depending on logging. That is why it is very important to increase our carbon sinks by foresting wastelands and reconstructing wetlands.

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