Worth a Visit

There are many interesting public spaces worth visiting in Joensuu, some just a short walk away from the City centre.

Joensuu Market Square

In summer the square is filled with people and all sorts of merchants. The Square Stage has a daily program of local performers. But come summer or winter Joensuu Square is the place for the world's best Karelian pies.

Metla House

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) building on the campus of the University of Eastern Finland is a dazzling work of modern wooden architecture. The structure makes use of almost all tree species native to Finland. The walls are constructed of 100-year-old logs as well as shingles regularly requiring tar coatings.

The Riverbank

Earlier on, the river determined the location of the city. Alongside the west bank there is a bicycle path which offers you the chance to enjoy the excellent views. In summer logs are continuously floated through the mouth of the river. The river also provides a unique possibility to fish along the rapids right in the center of town.

Kosiosusi (The Courting Wolf)

The unashamedly warm-hearted statue in the pedestrian street brings a smile to the lips of even the most hurried passerby. In a short time The Courting Wolf has achieved a place as one of the symbols of Joensuu. Each year thousands and thousands of people are photographed with the statue.

Botania – Events Park

A small piece of the Amazon lives year round in Joensuu. The gardens offer exotic plants and butterflies – even amid the blowing snow. They also arrange a lot of events. https://botania.fi/


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