The Artisan's Quarter Taitokortteli

The Artisan's Quarter Taitokortteli, located in the city center, is a lively tourism, handicrafts and cultural section.

Handicrafts, Culture and Atmosphere

The Artisan's Quarter's wide range includes a café, shops and the services of the Artisan's Quarter. High-quality exhibitions and a variety of events are held in the area. The pleasant environment and the atmosphere of old wooden houses invite you to spend some time at any time of the year in this unique milieu in the center of the city.

The Artisan's Quarter, maintained by Taito Pohjois-Karjala (Skills of North Karelia), is a strong North Karelian cultural actor working to raise the profile and image of artisans and handicrafts entrepreneurs. The association preserves old ways of working and traditions, but also develops new, strong handicrafts traditions for the 21st century.

Paid guides to the Artisan's Quarter are available and should be ordered in advance.

The Artisan's Quarter

Koskikatu 1, Joensuu

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