Public Transport

It's easy to get to Joensuu by train, bus or air ... or even by water. Internally, the city is served by a rather extensive local bus system.

Below you'll find links to service providers own webpages and detailed information.

Departure points for local buses

Both the bus to the airport and local buses to different parts of town leave from stops around the Market Square, and you can also get on at stops along the route. More detailed information about stops and routes is available on the webpages of the service providers.

Railway and Coach Stations

The Joensuu railway and coach stations (long lines) are located next to one another, making transfers between bus and train simple. The railway station is about 600 metres from the Market Square. Its address is Itärannantie 12; the address of the coach station is Itärannantie 6.


Joensuu Airport is situated about 11 kilometres from the city centre. The Savo-Karjalan Linja Oy bus company provides service between the city centre and the airport. Stops are marked on the map found in the pdf-file below.

The airport address is Lentoasemantie 30.

Timetables and routes

Local buses

Airport bus

National mass transit timetables (different forms)

Railway timetables (VR)

Air traffic (Finnair)

Coach timetables

Express-bus timetables


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