Parking control

Parking in Joensuu is regulated by the city's own parking control along with the police. Parking control also takes care of moving and storing of incorrectly parked vehicles. The parking control employs a parking attendant, an office worker and 5 parking inspectors. 

Parking ticket

If you park incorrectly in Joensuu, you can get a parking ticket of 50 euros. If the fee is not paid within 30 days, it will be increased by 14 euros. A demand for payment of the increased parking ticket will be sent to the owner or holder of the vehicle. There will be no further increases in the increased parking ticket. If the fee is not paid despite the demand for payment, the fee will be collected by foreclosure.

The owner or holder of the vehicle is also responsible for the parking ticket.

Payment information:
IBAN account number: FI64 5770 0510 0020 89
BIC code: OKOYFIHH (Osuuspankki)

The reference number must be used!

The parking ticket can be paid at a bank, on line in Helgapark or in Carelicum service point (address: Koskikatu 5).


We are using the Helgapark parking control customer service, where you can find additional information and photos taken by parking inspector in real-time.

The service is used by entering the vehicle registration number and parking ticket case number. Through Helgapark, you can pay a parking ticket or make a demand for rectification. A QR code is printed on the parking ticket, which you can scan to access the service directly. You can also access the Helgapark service from this link: Helgapark

Demand for rectification

If you consider a parking ticket, demand for payment or increase in the charge for a parking ticket to be unjustified, you have the right to submit a written demand for rectification to the parking administrator within 30 days. Making a demand is free of charge. You can’t make a demand for rectification by phone.

The demand for rectification is made primarily electronically in the Helgapark service or by e-mail: If an electronic rectification request is not possible, the demand for rectification can be submitted by letter to the address: Parking Control, PO Box 59 80101 Joensuu.

The demand for rectification must include:

  • name
  • address
  • the case number of the decision on the parking ticket
  • vehicle registration number
  • the argument for the demand
  • account number for possible refund of parking ticket fee

If the claim is accepted, the amount paid will be refunded to the payer. If the request for rectification is rejected, the decision may be further appealed to the Administrative Court of Eastern Finland within 30 days of notification of the decision.

 A rectification request does not extend the payment period.

Relocation of vehicles

The city is responsible for moving vehicles from public places. The vehicle may be moved if the vehicle:

  • has been left at the scene of an accident
  • is parked incorrectly for at least two days
  • interferes with work or event on the road or on the street
  • has been abandoned
  • is a wreck.

Vehicles are usually either short distance transferred or a stock transferred. In a short-distance transfer, the vehicle is moved in the immediate vicinity of the location. In a warehouse transfer, the vehicle is transferred to the warehouse area of the city of Joensuu (address: Satamatie 4, Joensuu). Vehicles defined as a wreck are delivered directly for destruction and use as industrial raw material.

If the vehicle is not picked up within 30/60 days of notification of the stock transfer decision, the vehicle becomes the property of the municipality and is scrapped. If the owner of the transferred car is unknown, the transfer will be notified by announcement.

Transfer costs are charged from the owner of the vehicle or the holder responsible for it. Transfer costs will be invoiced by post after the transfer decision. When you are reclaiming the vehicle, you must show a receipt from the paid transfer cost and prove your ownership.

The city shall also transfer to the private area unjustly parked vehicle, an abandoned vehicle or a wreckage vehicle at the reasoned request of the holder of the private area. A request for a transfer of vehicles is made by filling out the form below and sending it by post or email. The owner of the private area is bound to reimburse the transfer costs at his request unless they can be collected from the owner of the vehicle.

Vehicle moving request form

City of Joensuu
Parking Control

Torikatu 19A III krs 80100 Joensuu

PO Box 59 80101 Joensuu

City of Joensuu warehouse area:
Satamatie 4, 80220 Joensuu
Tel. +358 50 490 4387

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