Parking in Joensuu

There is a fee for almost all parking in central Joensuu. This includes on-street parking as well as parking in parking lots and garages.

Parking is monitored by the City parking authority. Illegally parked vehicles receive a fine of €50, which can be paid in cash at Carelicum or at City service points. It can also be paid by bank transfer.

Outside the central area on-street parking is free but limited and many shops provide free parking for customers.

Additional information about parking in Joensuu (in Finnish) at

Parking disk

On-street parking and in some parking lots free parking is limited and a parking disk is used to monitor it. Parking disks in vehicles indicate the time of arrival. The disk should be clearly visible behind the windshield and the arrival time marked so that it shows the next full half-hour. If there is no disk, or the time is incorrect or has expired, then a fine is given. In general, a parking disk costs €2-3 and can be purchased at shops and services stations.

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