Growth in photonics, education and ICT

Growth in photonics, education and ICT

Growth in photonics, education and ICT

Alongside bioeconomy, Joensuu offers several other fields of experties.

Joensuu – the capital of photonics in Finland

Photonics, the science of light, refers to technologies focused on producing, manipulating and observing light. It is the key enabling technology of our time that is reshaping the world. Joensuu hosts a number of photonics organizations including the European Optical Society and Photonics Finland. Strong expertise and an active ecosystem attract businesses that apply photonics, such as Nanocomp, Vaisala and Olympus.

The University of Eastern Finland's Institute of Photonics is recognized and respected worldwide as a globally leading centre of expertise. The key strengths of Finland's largest academic photonics unit include high-quality fundamental research and production method development. Advanced lab infrastructure and strong expertise attract researchers and students from around the world.

Your gateway to discovering Finland's expertise in education

Joensuu is a strong base for Finnish teacher education and pedagogic knowledge. The world's best teacher training is arranged by Finnish universities and Finland's largest teacher education department is at the UEF's Joensuu campus. The region has around 5,000 professionals working in the field of education.

Global Education Park Finland is an open network that gathers wide knowledge from the world-famous Finnish educational sector under one roof in Joensuu. A special cornerstone of the network is that public institutions and private entrepreneurs work seamlessly together to combine the best of their knowledge.

The network's top competence fields are:

  • Teacher education
  • Forest bioeconomy
  • Social & health care
  • Learning technologies

Creating excellence requires teamwork. We are happy to assist you to enhance your educational competence building. Our services include visit programs, training, courses, and study programmes. All the services are tailored to suit the individual needs of our partners.

You are invited to learn more at: Global Education Park Finland.

Clever and creative ICT ideas in various fields

The Joensuu region hosts around 100 ICT companies and 1,000 ICT experts. According to Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranking, there were more quickly growing technology companies in Joensuu in 2014 than anywhere else in Finland in relation to the number of residents. Many of the local ICT companies have established their position and become nationally and internationally recognised operators.

The Joensuu region offers operators in the ICT sector an excellent development environment. Forest bioeconomy, photonics, and the metal and plastic industry with high added value, offer a good opportunity to develop ICT solutions and services in cooperation with core competence companies in these fields. Investments are also being made for developing competence in the gaming industry.


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