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angle-left Vapaudenpuisto park renovation soon finished

Vapaudenpuisto park renovation soon finished

The renovation of the traditional Vapaudenpuisto park, between the Market Square and the town hall, will soon be finished.

The park’s original plan from 1923 was respected during the renovation work. The most central green space in Joensuu was built after the Finnish Civil War. At the time, there was a wish to redesign and rebuild the overgrown park of Nelikulmanpuisto.

The focus of the current renovation is on the safety and comfort of the park. The new Vapaudenpuisto park area is open and clear. After some of the rich vegetation has been removed, the exposed town hall tower, designed by Eliel Saarinen, can be admired from the Market Square. The renovation will also highlight the work of art Blue Stream, running across the park and Market Square all the way to the Art Museum.

The cut trees will be processed further and made into new park benches. Two of the benches will be located in Vapaudenpuisto park and the rest in different parts of the city.

The opening ceremony, was held on 25 October.