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angle-left Registration for pre-school education 2020–2021

Registration for pre-school education 2020–2021

All children born in 2014 are to be registered for pre-school education in 2020-2021.

The participation in pre-school education is obligatory. The child’s guardian is responsible for child’s participation in pre-school education.

Pre-school education is carried out during school days in some of the municipal kindergartens, primary schools, private kindergartens, in the School of Eastern Finland and Joensuu Steiner School. The Steiner pre-school education is provided in the premises of the Steiner kindergarten. Weekly number of given pre-school education hours is on the average 19 hours, the daily average is four hours.

The decisions about the pre-school education places in kindergartens will be sent to the guardians through the day care system Daisy 27.3.2020. The decisions about the pre-school education places in schools will be sent to the guardians by post 25.3.2020.

Information about pre-school education and application forms in Finnish, English, Russian and Arabic can be found on the website

Registration / application to pre-school education

The pre-school education application time is 2.1.–26.1.2020.

Please fill in the application on the website under the section hakemukset ja ilmoitukset (applications and notifications, green box) Esiopetusilmoitus (Pre-school education notification).

The section “Päivittäinen asiointi” (Everyday matters) of Daisy is later used for transferring information between home and pre-school education of the early childhood education department. In the pre-school education provided by schools, as well as during pupil’s transition to the comprehensive school, is used system Wilma.

In case it is not possible to use Daisy programme, the application is to be sent on paper form. The form can be printed from our web site (under "Esiopetuksen lomakkeet"), received from kindergartens or from the Service guidance, address: Muuntamontie 6. The paper forms are to be submitted or stamped by the Postal office by Friday 24.1.2020. The forms submitted after the deadline will be handled separately.

You can apply for  the pre-school education provided by the School of Eastern Finland by completing a pre-school education notification in Daisy or with a paper application form (can be found in, which is to be submitted directly to the school, address: Itä-Suomen koulu, Kaislakatu 3 a, 80130 Joensuu. The number of pre-school education hours provided by the School of Eastern Finland is 20 hours per week, four hours per day. For additional information about the pre-school education of the School of Eastern Finland, please contact Headmaster Mari Kilpeläinen.

Organisation of pre-school education places

The municipality will make the decision about the places, which give pre-school education after the application time has ended.

The decisions about the pre-school education places are mainly made by following the own school principle. The child’s primary pre-school education place is determined by the home address in a school or kindergarten, which provides pre-school education, in the child’s own school area or at the distance of max 3 km from child’s home.

You can check Your own school area in the address on the website of the city of Joensuu. In the own school area there can be several places providing pre-school education.

In case You want to apply in the electronic application system directly outside Your own school area, the application will mainly be considered as a secondary application. In practise exceptions are, for example, the areas which don’t have their own pre-school education. It is not possible to get a free-of-charge school transportation to the secondary pre-school education place. In case Your child should not receive the directly applied secondary pre-school education place, he/she will be placed in one of the own school area’s pre-school education place or at the distance of max 3 km from child’s home.

Supplementary early childhood education

If Your child needs supplementary early childhood education, the place for early childhood education is to be applied with the same form that You apply for the pre-school education. You must do this regardless of Your child having at the moment valid early childhood education place.

The pre-school education is considered to correspond to 20 hours of early childhood education. The children, both guardians of whom are working or studying, have the right for early childhood education of more than 20 hours. On the basis of the child’s need for support or family situation the family can apply for wider right for early childhood education regardless of both parents’ being at home. The director of the pre-school education place makes the decision about the right for early childhood education.

Additional information

More detailed information about the pre-school education places You can receive from the directors of the pre-school education places. Reetta Karjalainen, tel. 050 352 3472, answers to the general questions regarding the organisation of the pre-school education. Information about the school transportation to pre-school education places can be found in the address

You can find further information about the determination of pre-school education place in our website https://www.joensuu/perusopetus/lomakkeet under ”Perusopetuksen lomakkeet” (Forms for basic education) “Esiopetuksen ja perusopetuksen oppilaaksioton perusteet ja menettelyohjeet” (The grounds and procedural guidelines of pupil enrollment in pre-school and basic education).