Business Locations and Investments

Business Locations and Investments

Business Locations and Investments

Business locations in Joensuu offer companies a lot more than just plots and premises: our business parks aim to provide competitive advantage for your company.

GreenPark – The Smart Business Park for the Future

Biotie Industrial Park – World-Class Green Energy Infrastructure

Uimaharju Bio-Industrial District – Competitive Advantage from Forest Industry's Material Flows

Joensuu Science Park – The Knowledge Hub for Growth

Papinkangas Business Park – Visible Spot in the Growing District

Marjala Business Park – Smooth Connections for People and Products

Investing in the city for businesses to flourish

The city of Joensuu is committed to investing a hundred million euros in development activities during the next few years. An important part of the Joensuu investment programme is an innovative urban development plan labelled the Symmetric City. Built on the principles of sustainability and totalling over one billion euros in value, the plan expands Joensuu's urban downtown area to utilize both banks of the river flowing through the city. The plan mixes homes and businesses, and spares the riversides for urban dwellings.

The city area will work as a development platform and early-stage market for new products, and the investment is expected to create 3,500 new jobs along with homes for 6,000 new inhabitants. A dense urban plan, excellent transport links and modern infrastructure bring benefits to both people and companies in the form of short commutes and savings in heating.

The city of Joensuu is committed to support new innovations through its procurement and investment policy. The goal is that every fifth procurement is innovative in 2018. The city takes part of the risk by favouring innovative solutions and products that are not completely ready yet. The city also provides platforms and collaboration for innovative ideas and growth.

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