There are eleven libraries and a library bus in Joensuu. The main library is in the city centre near the university. 

Using the library is free of charge. Libraries lend books, audio books, music, musical notes, films, games, magazines, and newspapers both for adults and children. In addition, libraries organise free exhibitions and events. The main library also has a karaoke room and recording studio.

Together with other public libraries of North Karelia, libraries in Joensuu Region belong to the library network of Vaara-kirjastot (Vaara libraries). The same library card can be used in all Vaara libraries. Collections and electronic materials are available to all patrons of the library network. 

Visit the Vaara web library at for more information.

Self-service libraries

Most of the libraries in Joensuu also serve as self-service libraries. Self-service libraries are libraries you can use independently also outside the opening hours.

During the self-service hours, there is no staff in the library. In a self-service library, you can borrow and return materials, use customer computers, read magazines and newspapers, work, read and spend time.

First you need to sign a separate contract during the staff service hours.  After that you can get into the self-service libraries using your Vaara library card and PIN (passcode). You can use all Vaara self-service libraries with the same contract.

All self-service libraries are open every day 7–21.

Libraries in central Joensuu

  • Joensuu main library, Koskikatu 25
  • Karsikko, Pohjolankatu 29 (also self-service)
  • Nepenmäki, Kärpänkatu 7 (also self-service)
  • Rantakylä, Pataluodonkatu 2 (also self-service)

Libraries in rural Joensuu

  • Eno, Alapappilantie 6 d (also self-service)
  • Heinävaara, Isäntäläntie 1 (also self-service)
  • Kiihtelysvaara, Aprakkatie 2
  • Pyhäselkä/Hammaslahti, Opettajantie 3 a (also self-service)
  • Reijola, Urheilupuistontie 2 (also self-service)
  • Tuupovaara, Rekijoentie 3
  • Uimaharju, Honkajoentie 2 (also self-service)

Library buses

There are two library buses, or mobile libraries, in Joensuu. Mysteeri operates on the route Joensuu–Kiihtelysvaara–Pyhäselkä, and Runo-Antti on the route Kontiolahti–Eno. In addition, there are five other mobile libraries operating in North Karelia.

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