Immigration Services

We provide integration services for people from abroad in different languages as well as services for City Counsil's employees and other partners relating to immigration and integration matters. In 2017 we had customers from 51 different countries whom we served in 16 different languages.

Integration services in Joensuu

Joensuu City Counsil's integration service is responsible for providing advice and assistance in regard to integration within Joensuu city. We choose the services for you based on your needs and your situation. 

You will get your own Integration adviser who will assist you through your integration process. In addition to initial interview and making an integration plan, we also provide one-to-one and group councelling.

Advice in regard to residence permits, travel documents or obtaining Finnish citizenship will be provided by specific advisors.

You can contact us by calling, by sending e-mail, on Facebook or by visiting our office. 

Opening hours:

Monday 12-15

Tuesday - Friday 9-11 and 12-15

Our services are confidential and free of charge. Using interpreter is also free of charge. 
Our office is closed from December 2 until January 12 - we are moving to a new address. We will serve you again on January 13 at Torikatu 17, 3rd floor.

As a new customer, when you attend our office for the first time, please take with you the following documets:

- your contact details (telephone number, address, e-mail address)
- your residence permit card
- EU registration document
- all your documents from Migri (The Finnish Immigration Service) relating to your permission to stay in Finland
- registration document from the Local register office (if you have one)
- integration plan for TE-services (if you have one)
- decision from Kela relating to belonging to Finnish social security (if you have one)

On-call hours

On-call hours are meant for short, max. 20 minute matters. You don't need to book an appointment to visit our office during on-call hours. 

Here are our on-call hours this until the end of 2019

1.11. from 13 to 15 
4.11. from 13 to 15  
6.11. from 9 to 11  
8.11. from 13 to 15 
12.11. from 13 to 15
13.11. from 9 to 11  
15.11. from 13 to 15 
19.11. from 13 to 15 
20.11. from 13 to 15 
22.11. from 13 to 15 
26.11. from 13 to 15 
29.11. from 13 to 15 
27.11. from 9 to 11  

To partner organizations

We are extremely interested in working together with you in regard to immigration and integration matters within Joensuu City Council area. We offer support and guidance in regard to working with migrants and developing services to meet the needs of our clients. We can offer training relating to the are of our expertise and can assist companies when recruiting people from abroad especially after they arrive in Joensuu.