Immigration Services

We provide integration services for people from abroad in different languages as well as services for City Counsil's employees and other partners relating to immigration and integration matters. In 2017 we had customers from 51 different countries whom we served in 16 different languages.

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Immigration Services, video

Subtitles available in Finnish, English, Russian and Arabic. You can change the subtitle language by clicking the settings icon

Immigration Services, To partner organizations

To partner organizations

We are extremely interested in working together with you in regard to immigration and integration matters within Joensuu City Council area. We offer support and guidance in regard to working with migrants and developing services to meet the needs of our clients. We can offer training relating to the are of our expertise and can assist companies when recruiting people from abroad especially after they arrive in Joensuu.


Tiina Asikainen

kotouttamisohjaaja/Integration Advisor
 050 535 7280

Tarja Makkonen

kuntamentori/avustava kotouttamisohjaaja
 050 564 8799

Marit Roosvalt

Avustava kotouttamisohjaaja/ Assisting Integration Advisor
 050 471 3215

Immigration Services, Contacts

Kauppakatu 29, 80100 Joensuu
3rd floor (elevator button number 7)

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