Child Care Services and Schools

In Joensuu you can apply for child care services from

  • municipal or private sector childcare center
  • familydaycare
  • various open child care services

You can apply for child care services from:

In Joensuu early childhood education and care is based on an integrated approach to care, education and teaching, the so-called “educare” model. Learning through play is essential. We act according the principles of Positive education and use restorative Mini Verso method in case of conflicts. During the day we offer your child quality and versatile early education and care, pre primary school in co-operation with custodians. Our aim is, that your child has a good and safe day every day.


Six-year-olds have to participate in free pre-school activities. Participation is provided on schooldays. On average, the weekly pre-school program is 19 hours and averages four (4) hours a day.

Additional information about pre-school activities and applications is available at schools, daycare centers, the daycare services office and early childhood and education center administration services.

Comprehensive School

School attendance is mandatory for children permanently resident in Finland. Compulsory schooling begins in the year when the child reaches the age of seven (7), and concludes when comprehensive school training has been completed or ten (10) years have elapsed. The child's guardian is responsible for ensuring that the compulsory school requirement is satisfied.


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