Assistance and support, sivun otsikko

Assistance and support

Assistance and support

Student welfare services support the pupils' growth and development, help to create optimal conditions for learning and aim to increase wellbeing at school. The aim is to offer pupils guidance and support and to prevent challenges in advance. Professionals providing student welfare services – besides the class teacher and principal - include school nurse, school doctor, school social worker, school psychologist, special needs teacher, guidance counsellor and youth worker. The pupil’s affairs are always handled confidentially and as agreed with the pupil and the parents.

School health care

School health care is available in all schools and for all kinds of questions related to the physical and mental health of pupils. School health care is free-of-charge. In Joensuu, regular health checks by school nurse and doctor take place in classes 1, 5 and 8. Parents are also invited to attend. In addition, pupils are invited to dentist checks. 

School nurse is normally the first contact point for a pupil and (s)he may reserve an appointment for a doctor. School nurse should be contacted e.g. to discuss special diet requirements, allergies or other health-related aspects, which should be taken into account during school days. Furthermore, first aid is organised at school. 

General medical care for pupils is organised at health stations, in Joensuu by Siun Sote 

Support for learning

In Finland, support for learning is divided into general, intensified and special support. The measures depend on the needs of the pupil and may include e.g. remedial teaching, part-time special needs education, adjustment of school and home work, interpretation, assistant services, teaching of social and emotional skills or special aids. 

General support is intended for all pupils who need support occasionally. It is supposed to take place at early stage and aims to prevent future problems.

Intensified support is provided for a pupil who needs regular support or several types of support simultaneously. Intensified support is provided on the basis of a pedagogical evaluation. Intensified support includes the preparation of an individual education plan in collaboration with the pupil and parents.  The plan includes support measures and aims. A pupil can return to general support if intensified support phase has been sufficient. Alternatively, a pupil can receive intensified support during the whole pre-school and basic school duration. 

Special support is provided if intensified support proves to be insufficient. In these cases, the pupil's need for support is significant and long-term, and school subjects may need to be individualised. Special support is also provided on the basis of a pedagogical evaluation and includes the preparation of an individual education plan. An official decision will made on the provision of special support. It is made for a fixed term and checked periodically to verify if the need for support changes.

Education in hospital

Joensuu Nepenmäki school is organising the hospital education in North Karelia region. If a pupil needs to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time, (s)he may be entitled to hospital education. Furthermore, day time hospital education is organised if the municipality is unable to provide the required support for a pupil. Hospital education works in collaboration with pupil’s own school. 

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