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angle-left The lights at Joensuu’s Laulurinne are moving and surprises the vacationers

The lights at Joensuu’s Laulurinne are moving and surprises the vacationers

On Saturday evening, March 6, the artist Kari Kola's Light Moves -nature lighting work lit up Joensuu’s Laulurinne. Kola built the work to illuminate the area around Laulurinne and the lights will be around until Sunday, March 14th. The work invites people to ski and walk inside the light work.

– The global corona pandemic is hurting the service industries and the event industry. Right now, lights and experiences are needed more than ever to be able to see the brighter side of this pandemic as well. Yes, this crisis will end someday. When many places are closed, this nature lighting provides a small opportunity to escape from everyday life, but in a familiar and safe environment, explains light artist Kari Kola.

The lights are a surprise for the people organized by the City of Joensuu and Valoparta Oy in the middle of these unforeseen and closed times, when the corona pandemic closes and restricts leisure services. Light moves -nature lighting brings together art and exercise, as the work enables independent and safe movement within the light work and on recreational routes. The light work itself does not require staff during implementation, the work does not include services and it does not invite people to gather. The work only calls for responsible movement in the open air and taking into account health safety instructions.

The ski trails around Laulurinne serve normally, and during the winter holiday week you can ski in the middle of the light work. In addition to the ski trail, there is a 1.5-kilometer-long temporary walking trail around Laulurinne. The new, temporary walking route is a single direction trail, which has signs to show which direction to go, and safety distances to other occupants must be taken into account. More detailed instructions can be found in three languages on the signboard at the beginning of the path next to the Laulurinne gate.

– The coronavirus has not only restricted the leisure time of the townspeople, but also influences the general mood. Kari and I wanted to create something invigorating that suits this very moment. With this work, we remind each of us of our responsibility to do the right thing. Each of us has a responsibility to follow health safety guidelines and keep our loved ones protected from the virus, also when moving within this work, reminds Markku Pyykkönen, Marketing Director of the City of Joensuu.

The signs along the path act as reflector trading points. You can grab a new reflector from the sign and leave your old one to circulate. The city will leave the first reflectors for circulation on Saturday.

The city of Joensuu reminds that in the coming winter holiday week:

  • Traveling in Finland or abroad should be avoided
  • Visits by guests traveling from elsewhere in Finland may involve risks, and health safety guidelines must be followed.
  • Close contact with other people should be minimized.
  • This is not the time to hold parties or gatherings indoors.
  • Avoid moving around in groups and around places with a lot of people.
  • Face masks must be worn in all public areas and in close contact with others.
  • All hygiene and health safety instructions must be observed.
  • It is advisable to apply for a corona test for the slightest symptom without delay.
  • It is important to follow the instructions of the health authorities and stay at home during any quarantine