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angle-left The city’s Coronavirus restrictions apply until further notice

The city’s Coronavirus restrictions apply until further notice

The Corona epidemic in Joensuu and all of North Karelia is still in the acceleration stage. For this reason, the city of Joensuu has decided to continue the city’s service restrictions and policies until further notice.

“There is no prospect of us getting to the baseline any time soon. We must do all we can to turn the situation for the better. When the restrictions are continued for now, the situation is also as clear as possible for both service users and organizers,” says city mayor Kari Karjalainen

Compilation of existing restrictions in Joensuu

Mask recommendation

  • The general mask recommendation applies in all the city’s public spaces as well as in events both indoors and outdoors. It applies to all who have turned 12.


  • Early child education remains unchanged.
  • School education continues as normal, hygiene and social distancing are emphasized.
  • Masks are worn in schools starting from 6th grade.
  • Youth centers, libraries and museums are open, a limited number of concert tickets are sold for the city orchestra.
  • There is no in-class teaching in the Commmunity College's adult courses. Teaching is carried out online in courses where it is possible. Distance teaching does not apply to courses for children and youth, except for parent-child groups.


  • Hobbies for children and youth continue as normal.
  • Junior, SM, and first division level matches can be held as normal. The audience can be a maximum of 20 persons.
  • Adult indoor sport activities, including adult team training and matches, remain suspended. This does not apply to SM and first division level training and matches, nor to the sports academy’s activities.
  • There are no one-time tickets for Joensuu Arena, and season tickets are not valid.
  • The number of customers admitted to swimpools is limited, and the swimpools’ saunas and gyms are not in use.
  • Gyms in rural areas are closed.

Customer Services Centres

The city’s Customer Services Centres do not accept customers for the time being. The Carelicum services  (Koskikatu 5), urban environment services’ and Joensuu Water’s services (Muuntamontie 5) and the town hall’s customer service (Rantakatu 20) are closed. Customer Services Centres in rural areas are open.

The Luotsi employment service point (Kauppakatu 29) and Immigrant Services are open. Customers are still asked to do business remotely as much as possible.

Public events and meetings

All indoor and outdoor public events and meetings with over 20 participants are forbidden in North Karelia. Public events and meetings with less than 20 participants may be held indoors and in limited outdoor spaces, but safety must be ensured. This order by the Regional State Administrative Agency is valid at the moment until 22.3.2021.

“In order to turn the epidemic in a better direction, each of us still has an important responsibility. Let us work together to follow the recommendations and orders that have been issued. “Many masks can already be seen in the city,” thanks city mayor Karjalainen.

The city of Joensuu continues to follow the development of the epidemic and will inform the public of any new instructions, restrictions or recommendations in collaboration with other officials.

When you visit our services, it is important to:

  • remain at home when sick
  • go to a corona test if any symptoms appear
  • maintain social distancing
  • wear a mask
  • wash your hands
  • remember to always cough into your handkerchief or sleeve
  • download the Koronavilkku app
  • assess, for your own part, the risks of attending public events and gatherings if you belong to a risk group


Updated 8.3.2021