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angle-left The City of Joensuu strongly recommends wearing masks

The City of Joensuu strongly recommends wearing masks

There will also be restrictions to services as the city has moved into the acceleration stage of the coronavirus

Due to the number of confirmed coronavirus infections and large exposures in Joensuu in the last few days, stricter restrictions will be set in place in the city area to stop the coronavirus from spreading. Siun sote reported on the situation on Thursday, November 19, and Joensuu’s contingency management team implemented the changes in city services on Friday, November 20.

The City of Joensuu strongly recommends the use of face masks in all public spaces and events, both outdoors and indoors. The reason for this is to improve the situation in general health security and to make events and gatherings safer.

Siun sote offers masks for free to people on low incomes. Further information can be found on (in Finnish).

The mask recommendation will be in effect immediately and is valid until further notice. As a general rule, all other changes that are made to the services by the city will be valid one week at a time, beginning on November 23. The city will be following the situation at all times and will report on any changes immediately.

Together, we will be able to prevent the coronavirus epidemic from worsening and get the situation under control in no time, says Mayor of Joensuu Kari Karjalainen.

Effects on schools and early childhood education:

Teaching will be arranged as normal, with instructions on hygiene and safe distancing being emphasised. Early childhood education will continue its activities as normal.

Indoor sports in schools will continue as normal. This applies also to all indoor sports that are held outside the school building, including swimming lessons, if the holder keeps the space open. Afternoon activities in schools will also continue as normal.

The mask recommendation is in effect in the general upper secondary schools and in the upper secondary school for adults. It is recommended that students use their own masks.

The personnel in educational services will use masks provided by their employer in general upper secondary schools. Wearing masks is recommended for all adults either attending or working in general upper secondary schools.

General upper secondary schools are making arrangements to hold graduation ceremonies as school-only events. A decision, with information, will be made if necessary.

The mask recommendation applies to the conservatory as well.

Effects on sports services:

The number of customers at swimming halls will be limited. The saunas and gyms at swimming halls will be closed. The mask recommendation will be in effect outside of washing facilities and the pool area.

City-owned gyms will be closed until further notice.

All adult indoor recreational sports will be cancelled. This cancellation applies to all matches and competitive sporting events arranged in Joensuu.

Recreational activities for children and young people will be arranged as normal. The attendance of outsiders will be limited in places offering these activities. No spectators will be allowed at any games for children or young people. The mask recommendation is in effect in all spaces.

Effects on cultural services:

The mask recommendation is in effect in all cultural services, including libraries, museums, concert halls and the activities of the Community College of the Joensuu Area. The recommendation applies to both personnel and customers.

Group sports arranged by the Community College in Joensuu will be cancelled until further notice. The contingency management teams in other municipalities of the college will make their own policy concerning group sports classes.

The number of customers at youth centres has already been limited and all those working in those spaces have been registered. The mask recommendation is in effect for personnel.

The mask recommendation is in effect for both personnel and visitors within the precincts of Rupla club house and community house Satama.

The effects on events:

There are many events organised in Joensuu in the next few weeks. At all events organised both indoors and outdoors there is a risk that close contact cannot be avoided. The mask recommendation is in effect for all public meetings and events, both indoors and outdoors.

The City of Joensuu would also like to remind residents and visitors about the general hygiene instructions given to restaurants.