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angle-left Students play a prominent role in the life of Joensuu

Students play a prominent role in the life of Joensuu

The new academic year is in full swing, and it shows in the life of the city. In total, there are more than 20,000 students in Joensuu, and the city has the highest student density in Finland.

This autumn, just over 700 University of Eastern Finland students moved from Savonlinna to Joensuu, as the campus was relocated.

Students bring a wide range of skills to the city, to the benefit of sporting and other cultural activities. Young people studying to become craft or art teachers enhance the Joensuu's expertise in these areas.

– The city of Joensuu is aware of the additional skills brought by students. We aim to foster a welcoming atmosphere for students, says Jani Kaasinen, Joensuu's head of wellbeing services development.

Elli, a student accommodation provider, will complete three blocks of flats this autumn; two in Niskakatu and one in Itäranta. In total the three buildings will contain 217 bedsits.

– Despite the removal of the Savonlinna campus, the requirement for emergency accommodation remains almost the same as that of previous years. New construction has met the demand, says Kaasinen.