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angle-left Please avoid traveling and close contacts during the winter holiday week

Please avoid traveling and close contacts during the winter holiday week

Coronavirus cases are increasing in all of Finland. The Finnish government has said that stricter actions are needed to stop the coronavirus epidemic. According to the Finnish government, the country will declare a state of emergency from the 8th to the 28th of March, in which case the opening times and accessibility of different services as well as travel will be limited.

The worst coronavirus situation is in Southern Finland, Western Finland, and Lapland. Many more new corona cases have been determined in the past two weeks than ever before during the pandemic. The number of cases has increased at an alarming rate despite the restrictions. The number of cases is even greater than the number of cases last spring, when Helsinki was isolated and closed to travel. This means that travelers are at a great risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. Helsinki, for example, has closed its services and facilities to residents and tourists.

The number of coronavirus cases has begun to increase in North Karelia and the Joensuu area as well, but the situation is still noticeably better than in Southern Finland. All traveling should still be avoided. Different services in Joensuu are preparing for more restrictions, and residents are asked to follow safety guidelines. Despite the restrictions, education continues in all of Joensuu’s elementary, middle and high schools, and they will not transfer to distance teaching.

– Now it is important not to travel and to try and minimize meetings and close contact with people during the winter holiday week because the coronavirus and its mutations spread easily through travel to other parts of Finland and close contact with others. If you have even a few symptoms, then you should get a coronatest,” says Joensuu mayor Kari Karjalainen.

–We have assessed the arrangement of teaching in collaboration with different authorities and in light of the current corona situation, we will continue in-person teaching as normal after the winter holiday starting on March 15. We will inform of possible changes through Wilma, so we ask guardians and students to keep track of any Wilma messages,” explains Joensuu’s Director of Education Olli Kauppinen.

– We hope that everyone will be able to support each other in the middle of this corona crisis. We recommend that you spend time outside and enjoy the nature because not everything is forbidden. Remember to wear a face mask when you see others and follow hygiene instructions,” continues Karjalainen.

You must wear a face mask in Joensuu. The mask recommendation also applies to those who have turned 12 and will be in effect until further notice. Mask use will also continue according to current instructions in elementary, middle and high schools, during school transport and in early childhood education.

Instructions for people using the city’s services and facilities can be found on the Joensuu city website. It is important that you stay home when sick, remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask, wash hands and remember proper coughing hygiene. Those belonging to a risk group should also assess on their own part the risks of participating in public gatherings and events.

– By following instructions, we keep our family and friends healthy, for anyone can spread the coronavirus unknowingly. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and our family and friends,” states Karjalainen.

More specific instructions can be found on the following websites: