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angle-left New local public transport services with Jojo buses

New local public transport services with Jojo buses

The new weekday 2M bus service on the Utra–city centre–Marjala route will cut travel time to the centre by up to 10 minutes. The 2M will run alongside the existing 2 service during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

The shorter travel time is due to a streamlined route: the 2M serves Rantakylä via Utrantie, while the existing number 2 bus serves Ruuhitie. Noljakka is served by the 2M going via Noljakantie, rather than doing the detour Erkinpellontie–Noljakankaari–Nuottaniementie taken by bus number 2. At peak times in winter, the number of buses on routes 1 and 2 will be increased.

Kela-subsidised travel cards for students are available from Waltti online. There is no fee for loading the Waltti card.

To obtain their first travel card of each term, students must go to the service point in Carelicum, Koskikatu 5. Subsequently they can load the card online or onboard Jojo buses.

Any credit acquired online is transferred to the Waltti card in about two hours. The credit is activated when the card holder uses the card for the first time on a bus. Note that if you load your card at weekends, in the evening or at night, it will not be activated until two hours after the buses have started operating in the morning.

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