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angle-left Nepenmäki school students and staff quarantined due to exposure to coronavirus

Nepenmäki school students and staff quarantined due to exposure to coronavirus

In Joensuu, one class’ students and staff in Nepenmäki school are quarantined due to exposure to coronavirus. The coronavirus infection was confirmed on Saturday 26.9. in the afternoon and its origin is unclear. Siun sote will not provide more detailed information about the affected person.

Exposures at the school have occurred on one day, Wednesday 23.9. Siun sote is in direct contact with the exposed people by phone on Saturday evening, and Nepenmäki school will also inform the parents of the students about the school's arrangements this evening with a Wilma message.

Other students and staff at the school are not considered to have been exposed to the coronavirus because they have not been in close contact with a person infected by the coronavirus. Siun sote reminds us, however, that it is important for everyone who has symptoms to contact health care and apply for tests if necessary.

– The coronavirus infections confirmed in Lieksa and now in Joensuu over the last week are an important wake-up call for all of us. Although the region of North Karelia and Heinävesi has long been calm about the coronavirus, the epidemic affects us as well. The importance of everyone's own actions is emphasized now that we as a society try to adapt to living as normal a life as possible with the coronavirus, reminds Ilkka Pirskanen, CEO of Siun Soten.

– The population of our province is older than average and we have a lot of people with various basic diseases. For them, the coronavirus can be a really dangerous disease and by protecting ourselves we also protect each other, Pirskanen says.

Stay at home during quarantine

The purpose of quarantine is to control the spread of infectious diseases. Those quarantined must remain at home and must not be in contact with people outside the home during this period. Family members of a quarantined person are not in quarantine because they have not been in close contact with a person with coronavirus.

Quarantining does not automatically mean that you are infected. Healthcare has given families instructions on what to do if symptoms occur during quarantine. If no symptoms occur, quarantine is two weeks from the last possible time of exposure.

Quarantined persons will be provided with a formal decision entitling a guardian under the age of 16 to remain at home to care for their child, if necessary, even if the child is healthy. The decision is based on the Communicable Diseases Act.

Note. Other students in the school can still go to school and school will continue in other classes still. So only one class is quarantined.