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angle-left Libraries are open again – designated hours for high-risk groups

Libraries are open again – designated hours for high-risk groups

The premises and services of libraries are now open to the public with summer opening hours. Lending services are now operating normally. No events are arranged in the libraries and all areas that require a booking are not available for the time being. The number of seats and computers available to customers is also smaller than normal.

It is recommended to spend only the minimum time required in libraries. However, there are no separate restrictions on how much time you can spend in libraries. Keep a safe distance between you and other customers and members of the staff. Maintaining good hand and cough hygiene is important: wash your hands carefully before and after visiting the library. Hand sanitiser is also available in libraries. Item loaning and returning machines and other contact surfaces are cleaned more frequently. Stay home if you feel ill. In urgent matters, you can contact your library by phone or e-mail.

The early hours of each day are allocated to high-risk groups. Other customers should visit the library after these hours, if possible.

The mobile library is in operation again. A maximum of four customers are permitted inside the mobile library at a time. However, adequate cleaning services and safety cannot be guaranteed in self-service libraries, which will remain out of use until further notice. We recommend everyone to use credit/debit cards and contactless payment. You can also make payments online at: