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angle-left Citizens care about Market Square – over 1,000 respondents in poll

Citizens care about Market Square – over 1,000 respondents in poll

The city of Joensuu carried out a poll on how residents wish the market square to be used and what should be built there. The poll attracted 1,081 responses, which shows that residents care about the future development of the square.

The results show that visiting outdoor cafés and restaurants is a main reason for visiting the market square. The square is also a key traffic intersection. Older residents frequently cited shopping as a reason for visiting the square, while younger ones saw meeting friends, visiting festivals and fast food kiosks at night as more important. The most frequent user group of the market square is young adults.

Many respondents praised the ambiance around the Blue Stream and Central Park cafés, which they would like to become permanent features of the square.  For the future, new ideas should be sought to encourage passers-by to stop and enjoy what the square has to offer.

Respondents would allow limited construction on the market square. Only 12% would ban it altogether, and as many would allow large-scale construction. The Koskikatu and Siltakatu ends of the square were favoured equally for construction. This gives planners leeway for potential future development. 82% of respondents said that if construction is allowed, a new market hall should be built.

The poll also looked at how residents rate different areas of the city centre. The most important single location representative of the city’s identity was the market square.  Also frequently cited were areas along the river, Ilosaari, the town hall, the timber houses of Rantakatu and the pedestrian zone. In addition, Pielisjoki received several mentions.

The poll attracted 1,081 respondents, 83% of whom were Joensuu residents. The largest group of respondents, at 37%, were city-centre residents. The results of the poll will be taken into account when drawing up the new development plan for the market square.